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Thanks to the generosity of Rick DeRose ’87, SJU's varsity teams will be competing against each one another in two challenges designed to build excitement, raise support and increase donor participation for each program. All donations made on this Saint Joseph's Day will directly support the varsity team or teams of your choice. Only gifts designated to one of SJU's St. Joe's varsity programs will count toward the challenge goals. The minimum gift amount is $10. One unique gift per person, per team will be counted as participation.

Are you up for some competition?

Challenge #1: Former Student-Athlete Participation

This challenge is a spirited rally cry to all former student-athletes to support the team that you know and love. Two prizes - $2500 each – are on the line with one going to a women’s team and the other to a men’s team. The teams with the highest percentage of former players making a gift will secure the prize. (minimum $10 gift to be included in the count.)

Challenge #2: Number of Individual Gifts

Everybody counts in this challenge open to all Hawk fans and the student-athletes who inspire them!  The team with the greatest number of individual gifts – one person, one gift – secures the $5,000 prize.  ($10 minimum also applies)


Men's Sports

Baseball 0%
Men's Basketball 0%
Golf 0%
Men's Lacrosse 0%
Men's Rowing 0%
Men's Soccer 0%
Men's Tennis 0%
Men's Track & XC 0%

Women's Sports

Women's Basketball 0%
Field Hockey 0%
Women's Lacrosse 0%
Women's Rowing 0%
Women's Soccer 0%
Softball 0%
Women's Tennis 0%
Women's Track & XC 0%

Overall Donors

Baseball 0
Men's Basketball 0
Women's Basketball 1
Field Hockey 1
Golf 1
Men's Lacrosse 0
Women's Lacrosse 1
Men's Rowing 1
Women's Rowing 1
Men's Soccer 0
Women's Soccer 14
Softball 0
Men's Tennis 1
Women's Tennis 0
Men's Track & XC 0
Women's Track & XC 0

Meet our ambassadors

Jim Beirne ’73 has generated 0 gifts, totaling $0
Christina Henderson has generated 0 gifts, totaling $0
Megan Kavanagh ’15 has generated 0 gifts, totaling $0
Angie Nevins has generated 15 gifts, totaling $1,300.00

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Make a recurring gift, get SJU stickers

Make a recurring gift, get SJU stickers

Make a recurring gift, get SJU stickers